Logo Design for VT-ACSS

I was commissioned by The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Virginia Tech (VT-ACSS) to create their organizational logo.

The final result is in digital ink, incorporating an image of the War Memorial Chapel with its eight pylons that symbolize the words “ACSS@TECH.” At the top of the logo a Chinese lantern hangs from a large tree branch, a typical scene in traditional Chinese paintings, meaning to illustrate Chinese students at Virginia Tech are rooted in the school that enriches their lives. Watching carefully, you will find the tree branch and the lantern symbolize the letters “V” and “a” respectively as part of the organization’s name, “ACSS@Va Tech.” The image is created in white strokes against the Virginia Tech Maroon, in an attempt to resemble traditional Chinese seal carving art.

vt-acss-logo Screenshot 2014-02-10 19.42.42

Here’s a Chinese version of what I wrote to explain the origin of this design:

弗吉尼亚理工大学中国学生学者联谊会(ACSS at Virginia Tech)的标识采取学校代表色之一栗色作为背景色,受中国印章艺术阴刻手法启发,以白色笔画勾勒出象征服务、责任、忠诚等VT精神的八块标志性纪念碑的正像;碑体为ACSS @ TECH的字母变形。在其上方与之构成完整画面的是高挂枝头的一只中国灯笼, 寓意中国传统文化在VT的发扬光大,枝梢鸣雀更欲表现华人社区的勃勃生机。除此之外,树枝与灯笼分别为字母V和字母a的变形(Va,即Virginia州缩写),加之其下方的ACSS @ TECH,共同完成了对学生会全称的说明。整个画面繁而不乱,蕴意丰厚,传达了学生会致力于传承 Ut Prosim 精神,使中国学生学者以VT为家,与之融合一体的信息。标识整体设计完全采用图形和字母,便于非华人受众的识别。


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