How to make a greater team impact as a software developer?

Write exemplary code

Developers come and go. New-comers are often overwhelmed and bewildered by the codebase at first, and wish they have a few examples to get a head start on coding. When your code is elegant, easy to read and seems to follow the best practices, other developers will be happy to follow your lead and in return make you an impacter.

Understand the system

Deep thinkers look at the big picture. So make an effort to understand the ecosystem, not just the piece of code you write. You may get hired to write a few small features, but no one prevents you from reading the entire codebase and finding out how the system is working. When you do this, not only will you solve problems faster because you have more knowledge about the surroundings, but it also allows you to find and solve bigger problems and make bigger improvements. Some example problems of a systematic scope: how the product works, how the build works, how to make developers more productive (IDE issues, easy access to code standards & examples).

Write small utility tools

Write standalone, reusable, well-named, well-written and well-tested utility modules, such as QueuedBatcher , HashMap that just do one thing, and do it really well. Once adopted and reused by others, these small components improve system performance and boost the productivity of other developers.

Along the same line, actively find and solve bigger problems. Make bigger improvements. My own frustration with writing end-to-end tests lead me to find better solution for the entire team to follow.

Introduce new technologies/code standards

Don’t be afraid to introduce new technologies in your work, or insist on code standards in your code reviews. Once you find something that works better, try to standardize it by pushing co-developers to use it. Always use critical thinking because really nothing should stay static.

Help out on Slack, attend design/planning meetings, give tech talks/demos

Be vocal and advocate your ideas and observations. These all help you reach out to a bigger team and make yourself recognized by a larger organization.