Software Environment Incident Analytics

Incident Analytics was an intelligent incident management tool we developed for AppDynamics DevOps customers during a Hackathon.  AppDynamics customers were able to configure health rules based on a few key metrics of their interest and get alerted when these metrics saw unexpected patterns. However, without knowing about historical data, DevOps may spend hours figuring out a resolution when someone had solved a similar issue before. In this project, we built a tool based on machine learning algorithms to automatically identify root cause analyses (RCAs) for incidents — this task previously would take hours if not days of manual work. The solution we built helped customers understand the context around incoming incidents and get to resolution much faster. We applied machine learning to grouping incidents together, correlating incidents with RCAs, and analyzing if incidents were triggered by a global issue. This constitutes a big improvement over current AppDynamics solution which provides zero out-of-box analytics. 
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.19.28 AM
Incident Analytics – User Interface
Incident Analytics – UX Prototype