The Loss of Childhood series

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有时我真想回到童年无忧的岁月 — 记忆中没有无聊的事,幻想也还没沦为贬义的活动。

Sometimes I am consumed with longing for being teleported back to my childhood, when there was not a boring thing in my memory, and no one associated derogatory remarks with having illusions. In a nostalgic mood I assembled a series of my photography and mixed media work centering around the theme of “Loss of Childhood” and created a dedicated webpage showcasing these work.


List of work in the series:

1/  The Loss of Childhood. Processing sketch2018
2/  The Last Bus. Mixed media painting2017
3/  Tempus. Processing sketch2018
4/  Combustion I. Photography, Photoshop2018
5/  Combustion II. Photography, Photoshop2018
6/  Pre-iPhone Days. Used electronics, photography2018 [featured by SFMOMA]
7/  Untitled I. Painted object, saran wrap, photography2018
8/  Untitled II. Painted object, mirror, photography2018
9/  Combustion (Sketch). Sharpie2018
10/  Decay (Self Portrait). Mixed media painting2017 [featured by SFMOMA]